Tough Lithpower Batteries designed to last


Lithpower carry a full line of lithium batteries to power golf carts, mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, UTV,  ATVs, and more.

For anything that’s Battery Powered, there are unique advantages to upgrading to the LiFePO4 batteries – especially if it has wheels! There’s a vastly superior “Usable” capacity to LiFePO4 batteries, which can be completely discharged with no issues or complications. Other types of batteries can only use about 50% of their capacity.

Lithpower aims to make your drives long & trouble free!

They are designed to replace the lead-acid battery, which are available for drop-in replacement in the Club Car and EZ-GO etc. vehicles nicely.

Lithpower products are lithium-ion battery packs with integrated golf cart battery system.


Our team of dedicated LiFepo4 specialists can help!